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Love and Human Remains

By Brad Fraser

May 21 - June 7 2014 

at Unit 102 Theatre


Directed by Trevor Hayes

Starring Christopher Hayes, Clara Altimas, Mark Paci, Breanna Dillon, Adam Driscoll, Mark Waters and Sarah Booth


Set and Graphic Design by AJ Little

Costume Design by Clara Altimas

Fight Direction by Robert Montcalm

Stage Managed by Amanda Piron


Produced by Christopher Hayes and Breanna Dillon

“It's as if ‘Fatal Attraction’ had bumped into the hit television series ‘Friends,’ a collision that works far better than you might eerie tale of unfulfilled, suspicious young people who have not lost their dark sense of humor.”


In a frozen Canadian city, a group of sexually frustrated twenty and thirty-somethings, entrenched in the narrow isolation of the age and their respective circumstances, search for any connection they can find. David McMillan is a former actor-turned-waiter, listlessly looking for meaning through one-night stands and hard living. With his compulsively dysfunctional roommate, Candy, and his misogynistic best friend, Bernie, David and company encounter a number of seductive strangers who come to bear on their search for love and sex in surprisingly frightful ways. As the characters fumble their way through a brutish gauntlet of infatuation, violence and murder, a killer stalks the city.

Poster Design by AJ Little

About the Play

2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of “Love and Human Remains,” an indispensable contribution to Canadian Theatre that remains as poignant and topical today as when it first premiered at the Alberta Theatre Projects PlayRites Festival in 1989. Employing and subverting elements of various genres, including thriller, situation comedy, B horror film and melodrama, Fraser’s seminal piece is a haunting exploration into the dark underbelly of the dating-game in a cynical, post-modern world. Controversial for its frank portrayal of sexuality, violence and nudity, Love and Human Remains debuted in 1989 to massive acclaim. A smash with critics and audiences alike, it was named one of the top 10 plays of the year by TIME magazine. It has since been translated into numerous languages and produced worldwide, with highly successful runs in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Milan, Sydney and London. In 1993, Quebec filmmaker Denys Arcand directed the film version, Love and Human Remains, which won Fraser a Genie award for best-adapted screenplay. Brad Fraser has gone on to become one of Canada’s most widely produced playwrights, both in Canada and internationally. 

Image by AJ Little

Reviews and Features

"A Killer Debut." | Daily Extra

"Dark, dense and more delicious than a 7-layer black forest cake." | Mooney on Theatre

Christopher Hayes as David and Mark Paci as Bernie | Photo by Samantha Falco

Clara Altimas as Candy and Breanna Dillon as Jerri | Photo by  Samantha Falco

Adam Driscoll as Kane and Christopher Hayes | Photo by  Samantha Falco

Sarah Booth as Benita | Photo by  Samantha Falco

The Cast of Love and Human Remains | Photo by  Samantha Falco

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